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Everybody on earth is attempting to be the next podcast king... I am not. My name is Pat McAfee. I'm an NFL punter/Comedian and all I want to do is deliver folks a hilariously raw and adult conversation between my friends and I. Todd McComas, Shaun Latham, Chris Bowers and myself chat about life, sports, partying, and other reasons why America is majestically amazing. Thanks for listening. Cheers.
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Jul 26, 2016

Chris "Lights Out" Lytle was our guest this episode.  Chris Lytle is an MMA and UFC legend who lives in the Indianapolis area.  Chris also worked a firefighter his entire UFC career.  He's currently retired as a fighter of men but he's still a fighter of fire.  He's a father, a husband, an adored public figure and we were very thankful he took time from saving lives to sit down to have a conversation with Pat and the boys.  As you know Pat McAfee, Todd McComas, Shaun Latham, and Chris Bowers are all professional standup comedians but as you'll hear in this episode, Chris Lytle was more than able to hold his own with them.  This guy is hilarious and a joy to hang out with.

Featured on this episode: Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Chris Lytle @lytleforindiana, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.