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Everybody on earth is attempting to be the next podcast king... I am not. My name is Pat McAfee. I'm an NFL punter/Comedian and all I want to do is deliver folks a hilariously raw and adult conversation between my friends and I. Todd McComas, Shaun Latham, Chris Bowers and myself chat about life, sports, partying, and other reasons why America is majestically amazing. Thanks for listening. Cheers.
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Aug 18, 2016

Pat and the boys talk about the Colts' first preseason game against Buffalo, Pat's random test for PED's after booting a 67-yarder, his response to said random PED test which caused him to trend on Facebook, Shaun's cooking game, Todd's other career and this episode introduces a new segment called "A Bowers Life Perspective".

This episode features Pat McAfee @patmcafeeshow, Shaun Latham @shaunlatham, Todd McComas @toddmccomas, Chris Bowers @bowerscomedy, and Jason Hoffsetz @jasonhoffie.

  • over a year ago
    Pat, I LOVE your podcast. I first heard you on Chick McGee podcast & thought you were hilarious. I listen to your show because it's like hanging out with my husband & his friends tell the most ridiculous, funny stories. I am an accountant so not much funny happens at work. Keep it up. You have 2 new fans!!!!
  • over a year ago
    Mick Gase
    Awesome brother!!!
    That was some funny shit right there!
  • over a year ago
    Marissa L
    Dammit Pat, I love you.